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On the Ballot in Louisiana: Running for President to Fight National Decay

by William McGaughey

(a 350-page book published in 2004)


Part I

Chapter 1 The Unsettling Big Picture

Chapter 2 A Nation Held in the Grip of Lies

Chapter 3 Jumping into the Fray

Chapter 4 A Run for the U.S. Senate

Chapter 5 Doing Politics in an Age of Entertainment

Chapter 6 Seeking a Political Identity


Part II

Chapter 7 The Kick Off on June 20, 2003

Chapter 8 An event in Des Moines

Chapter 9 Campaign Infrastructure

Chapter 10 Campaign Finances and Expenditures

Chapter 11 Campaigning at a Distance

Chapter 12 At Last, Some Personal Contact

Chapter 13 To South Carolina and Home Again


Part III

Chapter 14 In Louisiana, Ready for Combat

Chapter 15 Down the West Side of the State and Over to Baton Rouge

Chapter 16 My First Weekend in Louisiana

Chapter 17 In Alexandria and Natchitoches

Chapter 18 Covering the Northeastern Part of the State

Chapter 19 From Monroe Back to Alexandria

Chapter 20 The Southern Tier of Cities on Interstate 10

Chapter 21 On the Road from Baton Rouge to Thibodaux

Chapter 22 Finally, New Orleans

Chapter 23 Mardi Gras In Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and Lake Charles

Chapter 24 Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Chapter 25 Back to Campaigning: Ponchatoula and Port Allen

Chapter 26 Finishing up the Week in the South

Chapter 27 Scouting Campaign Spots, More Newspaper Visits

Chapter 28 Wrapping up in Lafayette and the Central Part of the State

Chapter 29 Fax Machines and Plantations in Baton Rouge

Chapter 30 Weekend Preening for Television

Chapter 31 In Shreveport and Monroe on the Day before the Election

Chapter 32 Primary Day

Chapter 33 Going Home to Minnesota

Chapter 34 Results of the Primary Election


Part IV

Chapter 35 Business versus Government: A World-Historical Perspective

Chapter 36 More Creative Uses of Statistics

Chapter 37 My Vision of a Better World


Supplemental Materials

Appendix A Calculations supporting Gary Hufbauer’s and Jeffrey Schott’s Claim that Passage of NAFTA would Create 130,000 Net Jobs in the United States by 1995

Appendix B Biographical Information about the Candidate

Appendix C The Democratic Presidential Candidates’ Job Proposals

Appendix D January 2004 Correspondence about McGaughey’s Appearance on the Ballot for the Democratic Presidential Primary in South Carolina

Appendix E Louisiana's Thirty Largest Cities


This book is available in soft cover from Thistlerose Publications, 1702 Glenwood Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55405 for $13.95 per copy (discounted $3.00 from the list price) plus $3.00 for shipping and handling (flat price disregarding quantity). Besides its greater ease of reading, the printed book contains over 280 illustrations - mostly photographs taken during the campaign trip to Louisiana.

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