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Wealth redistribution?  You bet!

If socialism means public ownership of Wall Street losses, we already have it. The free-enterprise system is breached.  We have wealth redistribution from working people to the rich.  In the period ahead let’s try real socialism, using government to reverse the direction of the wealth flow.

Now all eyes are on Barack Obama.  What will the incoming president do to save the nation from economic ruin?  Will his be a “centrist” administration - which means to support established interest groups and opinions - or will it be one that fixes fundamental problems in the economy and in political life?  On one hand, President-elect Obama has surrounded himself with veterans of the Clinton Administration, political insiders and Wall Street types; on the other, this man has convictions born of personal experience as a community organizer and legislator in Chicago.

During the 2008 campaign, the Republican candidate for President accused Obama of being a Socialist who wanted to redistribute wealth.  He had said something to Joe the Plumber about “spreading wealth around.”  That meant favoring a more progressive income-tax schedule than what John McCain wanted. But the culture of political corruption in Washington is so deep that stronger measures are required. We need to break the totalitarian bond between big money and political power.

For now, the ball is in Obama’s court. Give the new President a chance to repair the damage from the Bush-Cheney administration and others of recent decades. See what can be done through conventional means. 

Wait a bit longer.  A new era is ready to dawn.  The apostle Paul once said: “For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face.”  So Gold Party is yet in a stage of imperfect understanding.  Only a few can see clearly what may be in store.  

The time of fulfillment will come soon. The day is already at hand.

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