The name is ironic. It suggests that this is a party of people possessing gold - a party of plutocrats. In fact, it is the opposite. Gold Party is an organization to challenge the plutocracy, beating Money at its own game. (And, no, this is also not a party where impoverished women sell their used jewelry.)


Gold Party



People today are frustrated by their inability to influence policies of the U.S. government. Even if the people overwhelmingly hold a certain opinion, the forces in power pursue their own agenda. The media wield an enormous megaphone that drowns out dissident voices. Only Money seems to have a place at democracy’s table.

This web site proposes a radical but practical solution to the problem: Gold Party. It has a unique set of proposals to reform the political system and a unique voting method for party affairs. Get in on the ground floor. The plutocracy/police state can be beaten by you.

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